My health

f_logo I’m posting all of my health updates and related medical stuff on Facebook. Find me there and check out my timeline.


whatsanos-screenI’ve discontinued Osteosarcoma Friends Network and posted the content on a Facebook page called What’s an Osteosarcoma?



My business

2013licenseI’ve renewed my business licence for 2013 simply as “Hanna Daber.” This year, I’m developing my new website and I’m working with some new clients & friends.





My projects

Here are the fun projects I’m currently working on:

Hanna’s Cookbook – recipes for liquid and soft-food diets
Hanna’s Guide – humour and suggestions for surviving cancer
Hanna Blogs – my values, beliefs, opinions, and interests
Therapy for Entrepreneurs – we must be crazy, right?

Hanna's CookbookHanna's Guide

Therapy For EntrepreneursHanna Blogs









Want to work together?

contactFeel free to contact me or check my calendar.

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