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Things you can copy

My name and my bio belong to me and my logo is © copyright — here is my official permission to copy them if you 1) link back to me, 2) promote my services, or 3) acknowledge my work. You can edit the colour & style of the text links. If you keep my logo code ‘as-is’ any changes will update automatically.

Code for this text link Hanna Daber:
<a href=”http://www.hannadaber.com/” target=”_blank”>Hanna Daber</a>

Code for this text link www.hannadaber.com:
<a href=”http://www.hannadaber.com/” target=”_blank”>www.hannadaber.com</a>

Code for my logo link:
<a href=”http://www.hannadaber.com/” target=”_blank”><img alt=”Hanna Daber” src=”http://www.hannadaber.com/images/hd-logo-small.jpg” /></a>

Hanna Daber

My short bio: Hanna Daber is a web designer who lives and works in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She specializes in building WordPress websites for individuals, small businesses, and community organizations.

All the code: You can copy and modify ALL HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP code if you give credit to the original programmer. This includes code I wrote to build this site, AND code by other programmers used here, AND all WordPress code, AND any free WordPress themes & plugins. Look for the programmer credit in the code or on my credits page. Please ask if you can’t find it.

Things you canNOT copy

My graphics and photos are under copyright. Please ask me if you want to use them. Tell me where you want to copy & paste them. My text is under copyright too. You can quote me if you like, but write your own text for your website, eh!

Things that are NOT mine to give

Photos of people are definitely under copyright — hands off! I didn’t take the photos of people on this website. People in the photos and the photographers have rights that must be respected. Contact the people in the photos directly to ask them if you can copy them. Don’t copy our photos without asking.

Bending the rules?

Honestly, have you already taken my content? Send me an email with a link to what you did and I’ll have a look. I’ll ask you to remove it if I don’t like it, or I’ll help you fix it if you’ve done a poor job, but I’ll probably reply with my consent.


Free image – Copy & paste this gold glowing copyright symbol and use it as you wish!

Using the content

You can use my content if you get my permission, so please ask! It can be used for education or information in books, newspapers, magazines, and personal or commercial websites. All of the content here isn’t mine to give. Look for credit on the page, on the credit roll, or hidden in the code. Don’t imply that I endorse the products or services you’re selling if you use my content in advertisements.

Link to me

Links to websites aren’t restricted. You can use my links to link to me from personal & commercial websites. Please contact me if you want my photo or if you want to link to me in another way. Don’t use my link to imply my endorsement of anything! I’d rather NOT be linked from sites dealing in adult material, gambling, religion, politics, or groups I haven’t joined.


I don’t license or grant exclusive rights — ask me nicely if you want something. Don’t mislead people or imply my endorsement of any products, services, or ideas. Don’t falsely claim copyright or represent yourself as the creator of any work you didn’t create. I’m NOT liable for the misuse of my content or any costs, expenses, claims, or demands from unlawful use. I’ll forgive honest mistakes, but I won’t release dirty rotten cheaters from copyright infringement. (without prejudice)

My Permission

You can copy & paste the links to me. You can copy the glowing copyright symbol too. All code is free to copy with a programmer credit. All photos of people are under copyright, so you must ask them. Don’t forget to ask me about permission for other website graphics, photos, text, audio, video, or anything else. Don’t me shy, just ask me!

Always respect others peoples’ rights. Before you copy a photo of a person, please ask them. Remember to give credit for work & creativity. I don’t mind if you use my content responsibly and with my permission.


Contact me with your questions about copyrights.
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