Online payments

You can type in the amount you want to pay. Add the tax for your whole project to your final payment only. Don’t add tax to partial payments or deposits. Please contact me if you are unclear about making payments. Use this button if you want to make a payment online with PayPal:

Want to mail your payment?

Click here for my mailing address. I’ll accept cheques and money orders made payable to Hanna Daber. If you need to, we can negotiate a payment plan.

Website hosting & name renewals

You need to renew www names and web-hosting services annually. Pay your host directly — I don’t provide those services.

How do you want your invoice?

I can send you an invoice by email or old-fashioned mail. Let me know how you want to receive your bills and progress reports.

Foreign currency converter

Coming soon! A handy gadget for converting money.
I can work with people all over the world. PayPal makes it easy to accept payments; it automatically converts funds to Canadian dollars. Use the currency exchange rate converter to estimate payments in U.S. dollars, British pounds, Euros, Japanese yens, Hong Kong dollars and Aussie bucks.



Payment for hourly services including the tax
You can calculate the total if you know how many hours of work were done and the hourly rate:
Multiply hours x rate
10 hours x $60 per hour = $600
Figure out how much tax
$600 x 5% GST = $30 tax
Add both numbers together
$600 + $30 = $630 total


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