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Business card information is public under Canadian privacy laws.


Agreeing to Accept

If you answer YES at the bottom of my forms, you agree to accept this Privacy Statement. By choosing YES, you legally consent to let me save and use the information you give me. If you choose YES without reading this Privacy Statement, you still agree. If you choose NO, the form won’t send. I’ll respect and protect the information you give me, to the best of my ability and according to Canadian privacy laws.

Collecting, Sending & Storing Information

You can give me information by phone, email, form or postal mail. The forms on this website gather your information and ask questions about you and your business. The forms are sent by email, which is not completely secure. Files, invoices, and email messages are saved on my computer and paper records are stored in a cabinet. My office is in my private residence, not open to the public. You can ask to see your files anytime. If you ask me to, I’ll delete your information after your final payment is received.

Online Payments

PayPal processes my online payments and I don’t receive the credit card numbers. If you use PayPal, you should know they keep your financial information.* The notices I receive from PayPal show only your name, email, amount, and date of payment. I can help you order services online with your credit card, but I´ll forget your number and won’t save it in any way.

Website Content

Your website content is stored on your hosting company’s servers — I don’t have a copy of that information. Web-hosting companies have their own privacy statements.* Contact your host if something goes wrong, if your website goes offline, or if you’ve lost some content.  Hosting companies have different methods for backups and restoring websites.

Sharing & Destroying Information

I don’t sell any client information. My client records are kept private unless a I’m served with a court order. Occasionally, I delete old files from clients I’m no longer working with, burn paper records, and physically destroy old hard drives. Sometimes I recommend other companies for services that I don’t provide. You’ll need to give those companies* your information and your relationship will be directly with them.

* Using services based in other countries

If you use services provided by companies operating in other countries, your information is under their laws. For example, Canada’s privacy laws don’t protect information located in the USA. Web service providers often use data management companies located in other countries — local privacy laws don’t protect any data sent over an international border. Lots of companies advertise in Canada but are actually located elsewhere. PayPal and some of the services I use on this website are based in the USA. Canadian Web Hosting and their affiliates are 100% Canadian owned, completely based in Canada, and their customers’ information is covered by Canadian privacy laws.

Contact me if you have any questions about your information or my Privacy Statement.



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