Working together with my clients ensures the best results.

I can help you whether you are operating an established business or starting a brand-new endeavour. When I start working with you, I listen to your ideas first, then ask a lot of questions to understand your requirements. Some of my questions could make you rethink everything.

New businesses — We can talk about how I can help you reach your goals, discuss what you do best, and explore new directions and opportunities.

Established businesses — I can offer advice on making long-overdue changes, getting your business online, and using technology to better serve your customers.


Business consulting

I’ve learned a lot in more than a dozen years of operating a small business and working with my clients. I’ll recommend practical solutions tailored to your needs, within your budget and schedule. My level of  understanding comes from many years of experience and my education in business & technology. See my history.

“You pick up a business plan and play with it like a toy. We thought about this idea for months, and you got it instantly!” ~ Mario Renzitti, restaurant owner & entrepreneur, Vancouver , BC, Canada


Website consulting

Building a website takes time and money, so let’s think ahead to make sure your website can grow with you. I choose from technology that is affordable or freely available, and customize it for your specific purposes.

New websites —  I can help you register a www name, build you a basic website, and launch your enterprise into the online universe.

Established websites — I can make a few minor changes to an existing site, or complete a major renovation project.  I’ll help to upgrade or change web-hosting plans and salvage content from old sites.


How can a website work for you?

Tell me what you’re interested in and we can build it together.

  • Sales: ecommerce, in-store kiosks, product demonstration videos, online catalogues, free samples & giveaways, ebooks, instant deliveries
  • Communities: subscriptions, memberships, newsletters, event notices, calendars, bookings, sign-ups, forms, bulletin boards & social networks
  • Visitor experiences: comments, interactive games, polls, quizzes, maps, menus, content organization & easy navigation
  • Information: file sharing, email accounts, team projects, uploads & downloads, external storage and embedding using YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Soundcloud
  • Service Providers: website salvage, renovations, transfers, recovering lost sites, changing or consolidating web-hosting accounts
  • Art & creative: photo galleries, graphics, logos, videos, music, animations
  • More: blogs & travelogues, custom functions, WordPress themes & plugins



Want to talk about an idea?
Let’s have a casual conversation. Tell me about what you’re doing. I’ll listen and ask questions.
We can discuss working together and how I might be able to help. I’ll consider all your issues from every angle: human, legal, financial, logistical, technical, and environmental.
After our conversation, I’ll send you an email with my thoughts and recommendations.




Keeping your website up to date

wordpresslogoWithout any previous computer experience, you can manage your business online, and I can show you how. WordPress gives you or your employees the freedom to write, edit, and publish website content. Get started with some WordPress lessons.

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