Basic sites start at $600
Ongoing services $60 per hour
Rush orders $100 per hour



Rates in Canadian dollars. Tax (5% GST) will be added.

1dollar*** Reduced rate available for start-ups, good causes, friends & family. Please ask if your project qualifies.

2dollar*** Large projects billed in phases. Travel time & expenses may be added. Quotes and payment plans available.

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“I can rely on you to tell me straight up what’s the easiest, cheapest, fastest way to go. You never sell me more than I need. Honesty I can trust is a rare quality.” ~ Kerry Ng, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Example website project:
Phase I
$100/year — name & hosting space
plus $600 — basic website (approx. 10 hours, 5 pages)
start-up cost including tax $750
Phase II
$60 per hour — add more content and pages; experiment with functionality and styles; embed a video or create a form; enhance your visitors’ experience!
Phase III
$60 per hour — develop the site with upgrades, ecommerce, seo promotion & affiliates, and try WordPress lessons.

Want a website?

Order my services and I’ll contact you soon.



Got a website?

web-reviewTell me your website and I’ll tell you what I like about it.


Rush orders
If you have a website emergency, I might be able to squeeze you in while still honouring my other clients’ schedules.

Web hosting rates

Before I can build your website, you need a name and a space on the internet. Your website’s name & space are provided by a web-hosting company and renewed annually. Canadian Web Hosting offers a name & a basic plan for under $100 a year.

I keep my rates low so that everyone can afford to have a website. I use and recommend technology and services that are free or affordable. We can work in phases, at a pace that suits your budget and your schedule.

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