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Do-it-yourself people:
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“We’ve met with a lot of web designers, but you’re the only one who’s explained this stuff so that we can understand, and not just nod and say, ‘uh-huh.’ Your help has been invaluable.” ~ Tasleem Mawji

Today’s websites give you a whole new level of freedom. You can be your own writer, editor, and publisher. As your web designer, I’ll guide you through the steps of creating a website, and I’ll explain technical concepts in a way you can understand. Some steps work best if you do them yourself, with a little guidance. Some steps are my specialty areas, and some steps are my friends’ specialties. You can manage your entire business online. I’ll show you how to keep your site running smoothly after it’s built. Together, we can give your website visitors a great experience.

What exactly will I do? I’ll organize your web content, set up email accounts, handle hosting issues, create graphics, design forms, catalogue & categorize, publish pages & posts, add & edit & save & delete, embed media, customize themes, configure plugins, integrate ecommerce, add functions, download & install & upload & update & upgrade. . . Whoa, back-up!

In twenty words or less: the inspiration for your website will come from you, and I’ll find the technology to build what you imagine.

wp-blue-largeI’ve been building websites since 1998 and by now I’m pretty good at it. Here are the services I offer. Look in my portfolio for examples of my work. I keep my rates affordable for individuals, small businesses, and community organizations. I build with WordPress because it’s the best website management system for most people, and it’s a joy to use!


What are the steps to build a website?

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