11. Build

When the domain name, hosting space, and basic structure are in place, your website will develop quickly so don’t be alarmed. Please have your text and images prepared in advance.

I assemble your text and images in a clear structure that looks appealing to both you and visitors. I make sure that your content is well organized and easy to navigate.

As I’m working, I ask questions to be sure that I understand your business and what you want your website visitor to experience, learn, and do.


As you see your website developing, you might want to add more detailed information or reconsider earlier decisions. From the name registration onwards, your website belongs to you and should reflect your style, needs, visitors, business, and personality. Consider me your trusted guide through the process.

While your website is under construction, some creative chaos is normal. Quirks can happen during major changes to the code. With a password lock, you can keep out the public yet still see the progress yourself.



Why I use WordPress

Try out a free, non-commercial website at www.wordpress.com. If you’ve already started your own website with a free WordPress, Blogger or MySpace, we can export the content to your new domain.

Why am I so fond of WordPress? It has many years of real-world use, adapted from peoples’ suggestions. Each version gets better. Overall, it is the friendliest solution I’ve found for my clients.



What exactly does a web designer do?

  • Listen carefully to your needs
  • Choose appropriate technology
  • Connect to web servers
  • Set up email forwarders
  • Configure databases
  • Install and activate stuff
  • Define WordPress settings
  • Create pages and styles
  • Upload images and videos
  • Provide subscription systems
  • Add online sales options
  • Customize to suit your needs
  • Suggest future improvements
I personally build all of my clients’ websites. You can watch online during construction and help me to create your site as you like it.
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