6. Graphics

Graphic images attract the eye and make web pages and print materials more fun. Graphics can be used to illustrate a point, show a process, or establish an icon for your company. Logos like Coca Cola and Mc Donald’s are instantly recognized around the world.

Do you want some graphic images? Try working with a graphic artist. Together you can play with colour, shape, style, and experiment until you get the look you want. You can ask a graphic artist about scanning and digitizing printed designs, and restoring your old damaged photos.

Did you already have some graphics designed for printed materials? Have you made a logo in the past? Do you want to use your graphic image files in your website? Your old graphics may need to be prepared for the internet. Graphics for websites are usually saved as jpg, gif, and png.

Different types of images that graphic artists can create for you:
company logos, artistic designs, hand drawn illustrations, vignettes, silhouettes, cartoons, animations, common symbols, geometric shapes, textures & backgrounds, maps & directions, technical drawings, pie charts, bar graphs, flow diagrams, screenshots, web headers, buttons, banner ads, and more!

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If you need any type of graphic images, me or my friends can create whatever you can imagine.
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