14. Maintain

You are responsible for moderating visitors’ comments and keeping content like stock and prices up-to-date. Do an upgrade at least once a year.

As a website owner, you’re responsible for content accuracy, responding to email and comments, filling orders from online customers, delivering on any promises you make to your viewers and members like sending newsletters, and renewing the domain name and hosting space every year.

Don’t forget to reward someone on your staff who learns how to update and moderate comments on your company website. Consider giving him/her a raise and the title “webmaster.”

“You’re the first person we talked to who offered training right away. We wanted to do our own maintenance, but I got the feeling other web designers didn’t want us in there mussing it up.” ~ Pamela Morris

keysIf you set up an email box, someone will need to check the mail. If you accept comments from visitors, you or someone else will have to moderate incoming comments. If you have online sales, someone needs to process orders.

I can help to update or upgrade any website I’ve built or to convert outdated websites to newer technology. I might also be able to assist with updates to WordPress sites built by other web designers.

WordPress websites are designed so that you, the owner, can maintain it with little technical experience. You can edit text, add pictures, post event notices, handle comments from viewers, send newsletters, and keep a list of subscribers or members.

It takes less time for you to do an update in WordPress than to write an email with detailed instructions about what you want changed. Uploading an image is no more difficult than attaching an image to an email.

As a self-publisher, your updates are immediate. You can make changes to your website from anywhere. It’s free, and you have total control over what and when you post.

(Heather’s quote)

WordPress offers built-in support that allows multiple authors and editors to access and maintain your website with different levels of security access.

Content is King — This internet saying means: Update regularly and add more text and visual content. Write original content, not just something copied from other sites.


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“Slow and steady wins the race.” from The Hare and the Tortoise,
a fable by Aesop, a Greek slave who lived from 620 to 560 BC

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