8. Name


“What’s in a name? Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?” ~ Shakespeare

Think of a domain name that reflects your company and your message to the world. Do you already own one or more domain names? Is your name or your company name available? Use my WHOIS page to check if a domain name is available or registered by someone else. WHOIS is an acronym meaning WHO the registered owner of a domain name IS. Here is the Canadian Government’s advice on choosing a name with links to name search tools: Canada Business Network — Naming your business


You’ll officially own your website and domain name if you choose to work with me. Some website designers sign up domain names and hosting packages on behalf of their clients. They say they are helping to take care of the technical details, but later, clients find out that their domain name does NOT belong to them. What’s worse, they have absolutely no way of administrating web services without the help of the original web designer, who sometimes can’t be found! I insist that your name is on all official records — I might work on your site or even log in as you, but you own it.


Beware of scams – if you are not sure about a notice please ask. This is NOT a renewal notice from my domain hosting company, even though it came in the mail addressed to me with my domain name and contact information on it!

cwhCanadian Web Hosting registered all of my domain names, and hosts all of my websites. Most of my clients are with them too. If you are ready to register a name, sign up today at www.canadianwebhosting.com — You will need to rent a hosting space too, and that’s the topic of the next step.

Domain “realms”:
.com — commercial
.net — network
.org — organization
.xxx — adult content
.biz — business
.tv — television
.info — information
.ca (.bc.ca) — Canada & provinces
.uk — United Kingdom










If you need help to register or transfer a domain name, ask me or Canadian Web Hosting for assistance.
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