10. Organize

Typical websites include a Home page, About or History, Products and Services pages, and a Contact page. Other common pages are Self-subscription, Catalogue, Photo Gallery, Events Calendar, Poll or Questionnaire. . . Anything you see on this site can be customized for your website.


I can help you transfer hosting companies or salvage content from an old website.

Please have your original content ready before we begin building your website. Once the basic pages are in place, I will ask you to email me your content in organized sections. If you would like help organizing your content, we can work together. It often helps to make a navigational map of how you want your pages organized. Here is my site map as an example. Attract people by offering something for everyone. Give people a reason to visit. Say who the website is for and why you created it. How does your website differ from similar ones? As you click through your pages, adopt a visitor’s point of view and ask: “What’s in it for me?”

look at it twice from your visitor’s perspective: as someone who has never seen your website and as a repeat visitor looking for easy access to updates and frequently used pages.



If you need help organizing your web content, I will work with you to arrange it in manageable sections.




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