15. Security

Security isn’t really a step, and shouldn’t be last. It’s an ongoing concern.

Use your common sense!

Make your FTP, email, and admin passwords unique. Mixed letters and numbers are more secure. Don’t enter your passwords on computers that you don’t trust.
When you log in to a website and click Remember Me, your username and password are stored on your computer in a file called a cookie. Stored passwords are tasty treats for malicious internet spies.

Different types of password protection:

Your hosting account, WordPress login, email accounts, website users, and various online services will all have different passwords.

padlockIn addition, you can lock-down your entire website while under construction, restrict folders on the server, or password-protect some pages within your website. You can also assign “ranks” to users to limit what they can do while logged-in.

Here is a page protected by the password “open”

accessSecure Websites
When you’re using PayPal, ecommerce transactions are diverted to PayPal’s secure servers, so lack of security is not an issue. On your own website server space, you can create password-protected pages and folders. Here’s my best advice: Don’t put anything on your website that you’re not willing to let people steal. Artists may publish small images of their work, knowing that those small images may be taken. However, the user can’t do much with them at that size. Musicians can publish small samples of their music online, knowing that these can be taken, but visitors must make a purchase if they want the full version. To publish means, literally, ’to make public,”; therefore, it’s best to think in those terms when publishing content on your website.

Free website scanner

Sucuri website scanner
Have you been attacked?


If you need help securing your computer, ask your retailer or repair person. If you need help securing your website, ask me or your hosting company.

Congratulations, you’ve finished all the steps!
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These gadgets illustrate several interesting points about internet security:

How much information does another computer know about you? How secure is your computer? This window may surprise you.

These are some of the tools I use to keep my computer as safe as possible from different sorts of online threats. Gibson Research Corporation (GRC) has a trusted reputation and will scan your computer to see how secure you are from attacks. ZoneAlarm provides firewall-type protection that gives me a Stealth Rating at GRC. AVG runs a scheduled virus scan, and Ad Aware is capable of finding spies that occasionally get through. Cookie Pal is purchased software but it’s reasonably priced and makes cool sounds.

Check out the Security Links if you are interested in protecting your computer.

Has your website been attacked?

If you suspect that your website has been hacked, immediately go to Sucuri and scan your website for free. Their online service will detect outright hacks and potential risks to your website security.


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