7. Style

Colours, fonts, and backgrounds work together to create your website’s style. What are your favourite colours? What will your website look like? Your website’s style should reflect your personality and tastes. If you like how your website looks you’ll be proud to let people see it.

All sorts of website themes and templates are available online — some are free, some are not. Themes come with a stylesheet that contains code which I can customize. Themes are specific to the type of technology — WordPress, BuddyPress, Drupal, Joomla, PHP bulletin boards  — so know which one you’ll be using before you go shopping for themes. I chose WordPress for most of my clients, rarely do I choose another technology, but check with me if you’re in doubt.

If you’re getting ready to build a WordPress site, go shopping for WordPress Themes, there are thousands of free themes to choose from. Pick a few themes and try them with your content. When you decide which one to keep, I’ll customize it for you.


Free WordPress themes – check the boxes and click ‘Find Themes’ to search the catalogue











I’ll customize the style of your website to suit your taste.



Kayla Jones has an amazing sense of style!



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Click to play with font and background colours

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