1. Think

What would you say to the world if you could shout from the top of a mountain so high that everyone could hear you? “Buy my products!” or maybe, “Order my services!” or perhaps, “Support this cause!”

Got an idea?
  • Do you have something to say to the world?
  • Are you starting a new business or a new charity?
  • Want to make an old business catch up with new technology?
  • What products or services are you selling, and who are your customers?
  • Do you just want a presence on the internet without selling anything?
  • Are you starting fresh or renovating an old website?
  • What sort of experience can your website visitors expect?


How can I help you?

What parts of your plans will you do yourself, and what parts will require help from other people? Ask your family & friends for their ideas and accept of any skilled help they offer. Talk to people who work in your field to get their ideas too. Play with your ideas until you’re ready to tell me how I can help you.


Catch the spark!

The “creative spark” ignites when you least expect it, so write down your brilliant ideas whenever they come to you. Keep a pen and notepad handy — you never know when a great idea might hit!


My friends and I can help you take your ideas to the next step.
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