3. Write

You know your business best, so you need to start by writing your own words. Only you can write a message to the world that truly expresses yourself. A professional editor can help you correct mistakes, but the first draft really needs to come from your heart. It takes courage to write what you want to say and publish it online. Don´t underestimate how difficult it is to write your message, it might take more time and effort than you think.


Your success depends on your ability to communicate. You need to tell people who you are and what have to you offer. Do you sell products or services? Do you work for a good cause? What do you want to say, and who do you want to say it to? What would you like to shout from the top of a mountain? (See step 1 if you missed the mountain.)

You don’t need to write all of the text before building your website. Name the main sections and have some idea of what you want to say on each page. You can access your website with your password and edit your pages whenever you like.

Website visitors don´t like to read a lot of text. Keep your sentences short. Break up long paragraphs. Keep your text interesting with headings, quotes, and lists. Add graphics, photos, and videos later to make your message to the world even more clear.

After your message, think of your ‘call-to-action’? What do you want your visitors to do as a result of coming to your website — visit your retail store in person, buy something online, order your services, fill in a form, subscribe to notices, contact you, leave a comment, make a donation, be more aware of an environmental or social issue — what?

Your message to the world should be easy to understand, and your ‘call-to-action’ should be clear to your website visitors.

If you need help writing your message, my friends can help you find the words.
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